Sunday, August 23, 2009


Wow, I am feeling stuffed. Physcially, Mentally and Spiritually.

Over the last couple of days our family participated in an event called Grace Camp. Ben's parents put their hearts and souls into organizing this weekend-long event for the last few months. The camp included a series of different talks, music, hanging out and way too much food. In the end nearly 200 people of all different ages showed up to check out all of the action. For more info about the event you can click here

I have to be completely honest and say that I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Really, a whole weekend of 'church?' A camp that focuses on grace- umm.. this isn't 'cultish' or anything? I refuse to drink the 'Cool-Aid'. Obviously I was not sure what to expect from Grace Camp and I figured that I would just attend as an innocent bystander. The funny thing is that sometimes God speaks to us in times (or camps) when we least expect it. Our speaker for the weekend taught a message that I could relate to- a type of Christianity that is loving, non-judgmental and free of constant striving. Take a deep breath? Hmm... many people would not describe Christianity this way. I think that is unfortunate.

I am still mulling over some of the concepts/topics that were brought up over the weekend. If you are interested there are a couple of teachers that are passionate about the message of Grace.
Just click on their names and it will direct you to their websites.
Grace Walk Ministries
Joseph Prince Ministries
Peter Youngren Ministries


Tiff said...
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The G Fam said...

ahaha. Yeah, we watched "Jesus Camp" a couple of years ago- that was definitely in the back of my mind when we registered.