Monday, August 17, 2009


OK, here is the reason why I have not posted in over a week. I am pleased to announce the official launch of my company, Twist Communications Consulting! You can check out all of the action on my new site at

Ever since I decided upon my career path people have asked me 'what exactly do you do?' A Marketing Communications Specialist sounds like a made-up job doesn't it? Here is a what I do (put in simple terms). Anytime you read an article in the newspaper about a company, celebrity or a product, often times there is a person behind the scenes (besides the reporter) who has tried to make the coverage come to fruition. I am that person. I write press releases and call/email reporters with story ideas about my clients. I also do things like writing for websites, writing brochures and coordinating clients' booths at trade shows.

Even though our family will soon be re-locating to the San Francisco Bay Area, I can take on clients in both Canada and the US. The beauty of my business is that I just need access to a phone and my computer. I can work anywhere in the world while bumming around in my pajamas until noon. I happen to do some of my best work in my favorite lululemon workout pants.

I have also started up another blog on my company's website that you can check out here
I will also have it listed under 'Blogs We Lurk' sidebar, so you will be able to see when I update things. My work blog will mostly be a place for me to post about new projects, clients and also Tips/Tricks of my trade.

Now back to my other full-time job. Out of the corner of my eye I just saw Lily drinking out of a day-old bottle and dancing around without her diaper. My career as a MOTHER is definitely my most challenging role yet..


Tiffany & Robert said...

how exciting!
This post reminds me of "Father of the Bride" when the dad meets Brian McKenzie. HAHAH. And he says that his job title sounds fake.