Saturday, August 1, 2009

News Flash... Roseola

Ever heard of Roseola? Sounds like a type of flower doesn't it? One of the things that 'they' don't tell you when you have a kid is that pretty much every child gets a case of Roseola, or the 'baby measles,' before the age of 5. I figured that the measles had been eradicated by vaccinations since the 1950's, but apparently this is a whole other can of worms.

Anyways, poor little Lil came down with a high fever a couple of days ago and after 3 days of waiting for the babe to feel better we decided to visit the doctor. The doctor took one look at her little torso and pointed out a very faint little rash. Lil was diagnosed with a case of baby measles.
She seems to be doing better, but I think the fact that we have allowed her to carry her 'blankie' and her pacifier around with her wherever she goes has helped to relieve her symptoms :)


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Poor little girl :(

I remember when Thad had pneumonia. I felt like such a bad mom for not realizing how serious he was and catching it early, but how do you know??? If you take them to the doctor for every fever and/or cough, you will be at the office ALL THE TIME. I know it made me realize how fragile life is and how blessed I am to have these little people in my life.

I'm glad to hear little Lil is feeling better. It's always so hard to watch our babies suffer!

The G Fam said...

It is so hard seeing your baby sick! :( I did the same thing with Lil and and waited a few days to go to the doctor. Then the doctor made me feel like a bad parent because I had not been giving her tylenol around the clock! Chalk it up to learning by our experiences.