Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Lily recently decided that she is a 'princess.' On certain mornings she will wake up and tell me that she wants to be princess for that particular day. Being a princess usually involves wearing a dress, adorning her feet with her Disney princess slippers and carrying around her magic wand. The funny thing is that the only real exposure that she has had to the whole concept of being a princess is from a book we occasionally read before bed. I guess it made a big impression?

Gratitude Project Cont.
11. Peanut Butter.Definitely the JIF variety. Not the natural crap.
12. Braces. For both my teeth & back.
13. Toddler kisses.
14. BOB the stroller.
15. Funny shows that make me laugh out loud
16. My giant ceiling fan.
17. Siblings that are now interesting, loving adults.
18. Friendly neighbors that reach out even if I come across as a private hermit.
19. Text messages on my phone. Communication has never been so efficient!
20. Being a (mostly) content, secure person because of Grace.


Tiff said...

hahaha this is why im glad i have a boy! O man. So cute though. Im sure he will have is "phases" too.


Anonymous said...

Tiff, Forest might be like his Uncle Eric and play dress up being a cowboy, preacher man, pirate, etc.....


Tiff said...

mom you forgot "Rufio" on the list of costumes! haha