Friday, September 3, 2010

Tropical Prep

After dropping off Lil at my parent's for a few hours, I was greeted to an entire Hawaiian photo shoot featuring my child. She's really working the different angles with her hula moves. We are going to be taking off in a few weeks to the enchanted island of Kaui. You might be asking yourself, how the heck can you afford Hawaii while being a student and self-employed? Don't worry we are not maxing out the credit cards (yet!). We are pretty darn spoiled lucky because we are being treated (along with my other siblings) to a free family trip in Kaui. Mahalo!

Gratitude Cont.
31. Free trips.
32. Tweezers.
33. Flat pillows that don't kink up my neck.
34. Air Conditioning.
35. Latin dancing with a group of middle age women.
36. Supportive true friends.
37. My Mouth-guard.
38. New Clients.
39. Happy Clients.
40. Zevia soda.