Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This may offend some of you, but it's simply my opinion.

It irritates me when a woman's entire identity is wrapped up in being a mother.

Now hear me out... I am not knocking motherhood by any means. I absolutely believe that being a mother
(or a father) is a selfless and rewarding undertaking. Caring for Lil has been (for the most part) a huge blessing.. but that is not all of 'who' I am.

It makes me cringe when women refer to themselves as 'yummy mummys.' Why should being a mother have anything to do with your looks, desirability, or (more cringing) your 'yumminess?' Another example of this is referring to time away from your child as 'mommy time' or a 'mommy date.' Do you somehow lose your name or forget who you are once someone has lived in your uterus?

There are many successful people that also happen to be mothers. One of my favorites is Heidi Klum. At any given time this woman is popping out a child (she currently has four) all the while modeling and running a television empire. When it's time for Heidi to walk down the Victoria's Secret runway does she say 'it's time for mommy modeling?' Probably not. Being a mother is a facet of who she is- it's not her complete identity.

When toys are strewn around the floor and Elmo is singing in the background, it can be difficult to remember that this current reality is not 'who' you are. I believe that it is important to make sure that there is something in your daily (even weekly) life that is a reminder of your multi-faceted unique identity. Because if you don't know who you are now once those tiny children are grown you will be middle aged and staring down the precipice of a major identity crisis.

My name is Sarah, (and in completely random order) I am a blogger, cardio kick boxer, marketing communications specialist, Jesus follower, aspiring budget fashionista and also Lily's mother. Being a mother is a vital ingredient which makes up the whole- not entirety of the whole.

Gratitude Project Continued:
41. Swedish Fish. Of the candy variety not the stinky ones from the sea.
42. Fluffy Books.
43. Hard wood floors. So much easier to clean than carpet.
44. Baby pools.
45. New to me hand-me-downs from a sweet little cousin.
46. Provision.
47. Great-Grandparents that are involved and excited to be with great-grandchildren.
48. Large families.
49. Interviews in a bleeding economy.
50. Peace during times of potential turmoil.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, You were on a roll. Having children is the most rewarding and challenging accomplishment in your life.
Although, the kids do grow up, move out, move away, and have their own lives.
You need to like yourself, know who you are, and stay connected to your spouse. The second half can be a very exciting adventure.

Tiff said...

"Yummy Mummy"?!!! Is that a joke? EW!
Who says that?! I could probably think of a few people...