Thursday, September 2, 2010

Silence to the Snorer

And the Snorer saga continues... after nearly 9 months of griping, blogging and yelling out curses into the night, I broke down and emailed my landlord. Because my landlord is considerate and amazing, she is sending a team over to my house to install soundboard in our bedroom.

Do you hear that? That's right, it's the sounds of sweet silence.
I shall rest easy knowing that I will no longer need to restrain myself from pounding on walls or appearing at my neighbor's doorstep in maniacal hysterics at 2am.

In a perfect world this would be everyone's reality. Silence to all Snorers!!

Gratitude Project Cont.
21. Nachos on the patio at COA.
22. Weather so hot it makes you feel like you are being torched with a hair dryer (I think this is a good thing).
23. Grandparents that give parents a babysitting break.
24. Compassionate people.
25. Lemon/Limeade.
26. Chubby toddler legs.
27. Runners/Exercise endorphin rush. God's natural anti-depressant.
28. Parks.
29. Showers hot enough to peel off your skin.
30. SNORE FREE nights.