Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Canadian Yogurt Dilemma

There is a frozen dilemma sweeping across the land of Canada and I am not talking about catastrophic weather patterns. I am crying out from the tops of the Rocky Mountains and to the icy Atlantic shores- 'Where is the Yogurt!' That's right there is a serious dearth of frozen yogurt in Canada. The only frozen yogurt I have discovered in Victoria is a sub-par TCBY that serves two flavors at the large movie theater complex in town.

Perhaps you need a little background information to fully grasp the severity of this issue. Growing up in Northern California consuming frozen yogurt was a way of life. We rarely went for an ice cream cone- that was reserved for birthdays. But a non-fat, raspberry and chocolate truffle swirl yogurt cone, with a few sprinkles, was definitely a weekly occurrence. All the taste not so much guilt. This embodies the California lifestyle. There are at least 1 or 2 frozen yogurt shops in even the smallest towns in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fast forward ten years and I am living in Canada without a decent yogurt anywhere in sight.

I have formulated a few reasons for the lack of yogurt in this country. 1. It is just too cold. People would rather drink coffee and eat donuts to keep warm. 2. Pure ignorance. They don't realize what they are missing. 3. It is spelled 'Yoghurt' here in Canada and therefore sounds less palatable (would you eat something for pleasure with the word 'hurt' in it?) than the American spelling 'Yogurt.' I feel that it is my destiny to inform the Canadian masses of the goodness that is frozen yogurt. Embrace the frozen delights of yogurt my Canucks!


Crystal said...

When i was a kid here there were yogurt places all over, in every mall, and food court, now i can't even thing of one. I actually saw one in Vancouver last weekend and was wishing we had them here too.

Oh to have grown up in Cali....i wish, my heart longs for the cali beaches and sun!

Marina Baerg said...

Yes! I remember frozen yogurt being the preferred treat when I was younger. Not so much anymore. Too bad you don't have a YogenFruz nearby. I think the closest one to us is Guilford Mall... Not exactly in our neighborhood, but still accessible should we have a craving.

The G Fam said...

So Crystal, you are telling me that there used to be Frozen Yogurt but now it has disappeared?!
Marina- I have heard of YogenFruz but I have never indulged in their yogurt.

There is a self-serve, pay by the weight, frozen yogurt shop in my old hometown. I think I would like to open one in Victoria.

Rachel H. said...

There were 2 that I recall - YogenFruz and....ummm.... shoot. THERE WERE 2! I SWEAR THERE WERE 2 !!!!!