Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pop Culture Break.. Lots of Age Creepery

Ahh... the ex- Willis', they make me laugh. It has been all over the news lately that Bruce Willis tied the knot to a 30 year old woman named Emma Heming. Heming is well-known in the lingerie world and has modeled for both Victoria's Secret and La Senza. Really Bruce, could you be anymore cliche? A lingerie model, 24 years younger? At least shake it up a bit and marry a neurosurgeon that is only 15 years younger.

I think that Bruce Willis and his lovely ex, Demi, have an obsession with the fountain of youth. Since they keep aging(even thought they fight it with botox) they try to find the youngest person possible to marry them. People say that you become similar in appearance to the person that you marry- they are hoping for some of the youngness to rub off. To be honest, I think it works for Demi. That woman looks hotter now than she did 15 years ago.

I sympathize with poor Rummer Willis who at 20 years old can relate better to her young step-parents more than Bruce or Demi ever will. Oh, and don't even get me started on Billy Joel and his child bride who is only 4 years older than his 23 year old daughter Alexa. Don't these celebs consider how creepy their cradle robbing is for their own children? They are obviously not enlightened by the secret 'age creepiness equation.' All you do is divide your own age by 2 and then add 7 to that number. So in Bruce Willis' case, at the age of 54 the youngest he could go with out being creepy is 34. His 30 year old wife is 4 years off of the acceptable age of creepiness. This simple universal equation works without fail, we need to teach it to our young and discourage future acts of creepery.


Kirsten B. said...

Ew, I agree that it's totally creepy BUT I absolutely love Bruce Willis and if he wanted to marry a 30-year old...he could have looked me up! :)

The G Fam said...

ahaha. Kirsten you are way out of the range for a 54 year old even if he is Bruce!You can date anywhere from a 22-46 year old and still be in the range of non-creepiness.