Tuesday, March 17, 2009

No Lily, We Didn't Permanently Abandon You

After spending a few luxurious days in Mexico we decided it was time to fly back to San Francisco to see Lily. We wondered how she was going to react after not seeing us for 5 days. Worst case scenario she starts bawling, as if to say ' how could you abandon me?' Best case scenario she starts squealing with joy and dancing around the moment she catches a glimpse of her well-rested parents. When we pulled up in my parents driveway Lily was in the front yard sitting in her sling, clinging to my mother. At first she stared at us as to say "Oh, it's you two," but then started smiling and hyperventilating when she realized that she was supposed to have missed us. Needless to say, we know she will be fine when we leave her again.

We spent two quick days at my parents place and packed it full of all the East Bay has to offer. Mainly shopping at Ross, Target and eating at the Yogurt Shack ( I will elaborate on The Shack in a later post). We had fun hanging out with family and checking out the monthly Friday night gathering that my parents have been hosting. We also spent a little time with Lily's California boyfriend Cole and his Mommy Kristen.

After returning from Mexico, we learned from several Californians that people are avoiding traveling South of the Border. Apparently there has been a lot of civil unrest in Mexico due to corrupt police forces and major drug wars. My parent's church even canceled their annual missions trip that usually takes place over Spring Break. Hmm... I was wondering why Cabo seemed so quiet. Honestly, I don't think that this mayhem is effecting the touristy areas of Mexico. I felt safe and would fly back down in a heartbeat. You can't live your life based on 'what if.'
Lily plays us a tune.

Chihuahua hunting.

The exhausted, hunted chihuahua.

Playing with California boyfriend Cole and his Mommy.


Crystal said...

Love the picture of the 3 of you! and i can totally picture a happy Lily seeing you two coming to meet her after being away. so cute!
Love hearing about your adventure! :)