Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Renovate and Recreate

I love experimenting with new colors in our home. Nothing makes more impact for the least amount of cash then a fresh coat of paint. Fortunately my lovely husband is a handy guy and is willing and ready to be my painter extraordinaire on his off hours (wink, wink).

Since we moved here a few years ago, our kitchen has been the drab base shade that we have throughout our home. I call it peachy tan. In hindsight I wish I had picked a color with more brown tones than the slightly peach shade that we have now. I digress... I have been wanting to paint the kitchen for a while but I didn't want to introduce a new color into our already colorful decorative pallet. So I decided to paint the kitchen a neutral shade of gray. I know that gray sounds depressing but with our white cabinets and molding it looks contemporary. We have also been busy renovating our playroom but it is not quite 'after shot' ready at the moment. I will post more pics when we are done in there. For now, enjoy the subtly revamped kitchen shots.

Before Shot. Boring peachy tan color.

After Shot. A modern take on neutral.


Meg said...

I like the neutral gray! Your kitchen looks lovely!
We painted our bedroom a nice shade of gray ("stormy monday") and it goes really well with everything and doesn't look dull or gloomy.
Can't wait to see other reno shots!

Tiff said...

Very nice, im excited to be re-doing some things soon as well!

Daniel and Cerissa said...

Looks so good! I also like the modern grays. We went gray too, and I really like how it softens nice bright colors.

Also -- Congrats on your new business!!! I should have known you would pull off something like this... you are going to be awesome! What a great way to keep up some work and stay home with your little treasure :)

The G Fam said...

Glad that you all approve of the change. Who knew that gray was a popular color for walls?!

Thanks for the encouragement Cerissa! With just 1 baby at home I figured I could still squeeze in a little work time :)

Crystal said...

I really like the new color, looks great and brings out that picture on the wall behind the red hanging lights.