Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Missed You Too

Actually that is a little bit of a lie. We had way too much fun laying in the sun down in Cabo San Lucas to miss anyone (except Lily just a small amount). I have a lot of pics and things to share with you so I am going to break up our trip into a couple of different posts.

Our travels South of the Border began after a quick 24 hour pit stop in San Francisco to drop off the youngest member of our family. Then we hopped on a plane and took a direct flight down to Cabo San Lucas. We chose this destination due to the fact that we could get there in 3 hours and still have a good portion of our day left to play after traveling. It generally takes me a good 24 hours to decide whether or not I like a new destination, but I fell in love with Cabo the moment I stepped off the plane. Cabo is a barren desert, with sharp craggy mountains and bright blue ocean. The best part is that this desert oasis is a dry 85 degrees (that is about 30 C. for our Canadians) all year round.

We stayed for 4 nights at the Melia Cabo Real which is right on the ocean and only 20 minutes from downtown Cabo. We were greeted with welcome Margaritas and lead to a lobby with lots of marble and 'interesting' phallic statues. The Melia is an all-inclusive which means we paid a flat fee for our room, food and alcohol- it is the only way to to travel. The rest of our trip revolved around laying around the pool, stuffing our faces with guacamole and drinking various fruity cocktails. FYI- we want to do this type of trip with friends at some point in time. If you are interested and not the flaky type hit me up.

I mentioned in a previous post that part of the allure with Cabo is its celebrity sightings. I did do a little investigating while at the beach but the closest I came to seeing Leo DiCaprio was looking at the hotel he likes to stay at. Oh well, better luck next time!

Beach in front of Hotel.

Downtown in Cabo San Lucas at the Marina. It took a lively 20 minute bus ride on Mexican public transportation to get there.

Yes, it is true. Our resort had beds outside of the room. I have always wanted to stay at a place with outdoor beds.

View from my outdoor bed. Favorite part of the trip.

Staying at an all-inclusive is like being on a cruise ship that stays in one spot. They have night time shows and entertainment. Contrary to popular rumors going around, no that is not me dancing in the head piece.


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Yes, while you were soaking in the sun on that beautiful beach and enjoying refreshing margaritas, I was laboring and pushing almost 9 lbs. out of you-know-where. How fair is that???

Really though, I am so glad you had a great time. How fun to spend some serious quality time with your hubby!

Meg said... I'm liking Cabo more than the mayan riveria. Looks fabulous! Nice that you guys got to get away for a bit! I'm forgetting what sunshine looks like.

The G Fam said...

Cerissa, I definitely would not want to have traded places with you last weekend! You are a rock star for doing that 3 times.

Meghan- Cabo was nice, but the Mayan is still better. The beaches are the best in the Mayan Riviera.